Stop biased and censored advice on kidney stones

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    1. Great question! CT scans are excellent in detecting kidney stones anywhere in the urinary tract. However, it may still miss tiny stones smaller than 3mm, which happens on other imaging techniques as well. But for first-time kidney stone formers, CT scan is a good choice because it’s the only technique that can capture the stone’s density information. Stone density can point to your exact kidney stone type.

      If you are looking for the best imaging option to choose, we have a blog where we discussed in details and compared all imaging techniques used for kidney stones. You can find it in the Blog section.

  1. ???? I started suffering from kidney stones since I was around 14 years old and have passed close to 30 stones. Everybody got something to say or some kind of advise to give. They are all full of it!! I’m now 45 years old. Even though I still get them. I get them very few and far between than I used to. Me and my cousin both get them. Our wonderful great mother passed them down to us. Such a sweet gift to cousin gets much larger and more often than I do. Poor guy is a man and suffers more than I do. God bless him!! Anyways, i do not drink cokes, coffee, tea, or Gatorade anymore!! However, I do drink the Green Tea w gensing and honey added made from Publix. This actually helped me pass my last one that was stuck in my bladder a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong I drank plenty of water too but for whatever reason it kept getting stuck w water but the green tea fron publix helped me pass it!! It wasn’t a big one but bigger than I expected for me not to feel much pain in my side before moving down to my bladder. About 5 years ago I had a much bigger one. That one sent me to the ER to get blasted and have a stint put in and I can tell you I am very happy they chose to go that route after I saw the blared residue I urinayed into the toilet. It was quite the amount. Other than I’ve always passed them on my own. Not fun. Many years ago when I passed my first one. It was a pretty big one too abd was totally different than any other stone I’ve passed since then. This one was very round and smooth like Lima bean. All the others have been crystallized shape ones w sharpe spur edges. Me and cousin both have been told we are natural stone formers and nothing can done. Since o don’t get them as often I haven’t went into taking the time to find out if there is anything we can do these days. Back then I was told I was a natural stone former and dealt with many nights of hell. However, if my kidneys decide to put me back on those kind of painful sleepless nights I’ll start researching again. I do remember my sister was attending nursing school back then and she did a thesis te: living in the southeastern area of the United States. This area carrying the highest population for people experiencing the most cases of kidney stones and kidney infections. It was crazy how high the incidence for kidney stones went up as soon as you went to the southeastern area of United stares. I say it got to have something to do with the limestone and spring water!! Anyways if you have any questions please let me know!! Also, I love nuts. Especially, almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts. I do try to limit my intake but it’s hard. I can’t tell you if these have made a difference. Years ago I was eating a lot of pistachios right before I formed a big one but I was also drinking a bunch of Italian expresso during this time too. Therefore, cannot say which caused it more!!