Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Stone Relief. We have done our best to answer your most common questions below:

*Please write us with any new questions! We will continue to keep this updated!


1) What research has been done on the impact of Chanca Piedra on Kidney Stones?
  • Chanca Piedra and the associated benefits for kidney stones has been studied extensively in South America and Europe for over a century. Research in the United States has been limited. For more information on the international studies completed, please visit the Chanca Piedra Ingredient Overview Page.

2) Are your ingredients organic?
  • All ingredients are certified organic with the exception of Chanca Piedra. There is currently not a certified source of organic Chanca Piedra available. 
    3) Are your ingredients Non-GMO?
    • Yes! Every ingredient is carefully sourced and certified Non-GMO by Natural Food Certifiers (NFC). More information can be found on the Natural Food Certifier's Website
    4) What product is more effective? The herbal tea or capsules?
    • Both products are equally effective. However, based on your specific needs, we suggest combining both the tea and capsules for maximum results in your time of need.
    5) What is the difference between Regular Strength and Extra Strength tea?
    • The Regular Strength tea contains 1.5 grams of a proprietary blend of raw Chanca Piedra, raw dandelion root, and raw lemon. This is best suited for women, people under 150lbs, or those sensitive to Chanca Piedra.
    • The Extra Strength tea contains double the amount (3 grams) of our proprietary blend and is meant to be used by those people seeking maximum stone prevention, reduction of current stones, and pain relief.
    6) How big are the capsules?
    • Capsules are 600mg a piece and roughly 0.25" x 1" in size (traditional capsule dimensions).
    7) How does your product relieve pain from kidney stones?
    • Chanca Piedra is a well documented and studied analgesic and has been in use for centuries in South America. Please find more detailed information by visiting the Chanca Piedra Ingredient Overview Page.
    8) How does your product reduce the size of current kidney stones?
      • Chanca Piedra has been shown across multiple studies to have a reducing effect on kidney stones. Additionally, citric acid found in the lemons contained in Stone Relief products helps dissolve current stones. Please find more detailed information by visiting the Chanca Piedra Ingredient Overview Page and the Lemon Ingredient Overview Page.
      9) How does your product prevent future stones from forming?
        • Both Chanca Piedra and the citric acid in lemons have an inhibitory effect on new kidney stones. Please click the links to find more detailed information for Chanca Piedra and for Lemon.
        10) What are the herbal capsules made of?
        • Our herbal capsules are 100% vegetarian and made of a vegetable-derived cellulose called Hypromellose. 
        11) Are your products made in China?
        • No! Everything is proudly made here in the United States!
        11) Where are your ingredients sourced from?
          • Chanca Piedra: Brazil
          • Dandelion Root: Morocco
          • Lemon: Spain
          • Hydrangea Root: Spain
          • Apple Cider Vinegar: United States
          12) Are your products soy free?
            • Yes, all Stone Relief products are 100% soy free.
            13) Are your products vegetarian?
              • Yes, all Stone Relief products are vegetarian. 
              14) How long before I can expect to see results?
                • If you are in pain from passing a kidney stone, pain relief should commence within 10-15 minutes after consuming our tea or capsules. Results of stone dissolving will differ by individual based on type of stone, size, and location. 
                15) Can I use your products with prescription medication?
                  • Please consult your doctor before beginning any herbal supplement regimen. 
                  16) Is this product effective for Gallstones?
                  • There is anecdotal evidence that Chanca Piedra has an the ability to break apart gallstones, much like it does with kidney stones. However, we have not been successful in identifying any particular studies or research where this has been documented in controlled environments. The one area that our products will be able to demonstrate effectiveness is in pain relief associated with a gallstone. This has been well-documented across many different studies.
                  17) What if your products don’t work for me?
                    • If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just let us know. We offer a full refund on the purchase price (including cost of shipping) for our products any time. Yup, any time. You read that right!
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