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Book a 45-minute kidney stone coaching call with Joey to: 

  • Reduce anxiety and fear
  • Get your questions answered
  • Develop a stone-passage plan
  • Create a stone prevention plan

An email summary complete with specific recommendations and 24 hours of email follow-up is included with your session.

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Customer Reviews

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Ms Guth
Worth Every Penny!

Please do NOT hesitate to schedule a call with Joey.

I knew nothing about kidney stones prior to finding out I had one and stumbled across his videos which were highly informative. But, what made the biggest difference for my peace of mind and putting a plan in place was the personal call. Worth every penny!

He is a wealth of knowledge, kind, trust-worthy, professional, encouraging, and was available for follow-up questions. I was nursing my baby and he did not try to sell me on his product (which I would have taken if not nursing) - my safety was his top concern. He really got me through dealing with my kidney stone over the course of a few months while nursing with education and encouragement.

He is your kidney stone guy! If you are on the fence, just book it today! I felt a huge weight lifted after our conversation.

Thank you Joey for all your help passing my stone!!!