Published: July 31, 2021 | 5 mins read

3 Steps to Flush Out Kidney Stones Stuck at UVJ or in Bladder

Kidney Stones are tough enough as they are. But, when they get stuck, the increased pain and irritation can lead to costly additional trips to the Emergency Room that is unnecessary in most cases. The goal of today’s blog is to help guide you through the process of flushing out a kidney stone that is stuck naturally without the need for surgical intervention.


When it comes to kidney stones getting stuck, there are two places that this occurs most often (see Figure A): 

The reason that kidney stones get stuck at the Ureterovesical Junction (UVJ) or the entrance to the Urethra Is due to natural narrowing that occurs at these two points in the urinary tract. Please note that not every kidney stone will get stuck at these locations. However, based on our experience, roughly 20% of people who produce kidney stones will have a kidney stone get stuck at one of these locations. 

And, when it comes to kidney stones getting stuck at these two locations, size does matter. Larger stones will have more potential to get stuck. However, certain stone types that are more jagged (regardless of size) will be more prone to getting stuck as well. 

FEAR NOT, THOUGH! If your kidney stone has made the journey down the urinary tract to either the Ureterovesical Junction (UVJ) or is in your Bladderit’s going to pass. It will just be a matter of time. 


However, this doesn’t mean that your kidney stone getting stuck can’t cause further complications. A stone stuck at the entrance to your Urethra will clear itself naturally. But, kidney stones that get stuck at the Ureterovesical Junction need to be monitored. Here are a few things to watch out for that may indicate that your kidney stone is stuck at the Ureterovesical Junction (UVJ):


In almost all instances, there is no need for surgical intervention if you have a kidney stone stuck at the Ureterovesical Junction (UVJ). But, if you make a trip to the Doctor or Emergency Room, they will likely make a recommendation for one of the following procedures: 

  1. Laser Lithotripsy: laser inserted through the Urethra and into the bladder that will break apart the kidney stone. The average cost of this procedure as of 2021 was $12,800.
  2. Stent: a tube inserted into your urinary tract to allow obstructions to pass more freely. The average cost of this procedure in 2021 was $10,000.


As you can imagine, neither of the surgical procedures mentioned will be comfortable or without their consequences in terms of pain. Additionally, they may put a strain on you financially, as their costs are astronomical. Fortunately, you can quickly and naturally flush out your stuck kidney stone by following these three steps:

  1. STEP ONE | ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Kidney stones that get stuck are all about inflammation, as they irritate the living heck out of your urinary tract. By taking an elevated dose (2x standard) of an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen or Advil, you will reduce inflammation enough to allow more freedom of movement for the kidney stone.
  2. STEP TWO | CHUG SOME WATER: Once things have loosed up a bit in your urinary tract with the help of the anti-inflammatory, it’s time to create some PRESSURE. The goal will be for you to drink 1.5-2L (48-64oz) of water in the shortest period of time possible. DO NOT SIP. Chug!
  3. STEP THREE | POP THAT SUCKER OUT: All of the water you just drank will create a high level of backpressure in your urinary tract. Combined with reduced inflammation, all you need to do now is urinate at the fastest rate possible to force the stone past the UVJ and or out of your Bladder.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! However, if you don’t get the stone to move past the Ureterovesical Junction (UVJ) or out of your Bladder on the first attempt, try-try-try again. Wait 4 hours and repeat steps 1-3, and you should be doing your victory dance in no time.

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  1. One week ago my 6mm stone made it’s way out from the left kidney and on it way down to the left ureter. For the last three weeks I’ve been drinking lemon juice religiously. 8oz first thing and 2oz with 8oz water every hour until midnight. The stone was actually 8mm when it was first discovered in the left kidney three weeks ago.
    The lemon juice has really helped keeping the pain to the minimum while the stone is in the ureter. But today I started to have some pain by my lower left abdomen. Just right underneath or near the left bladder area. Could this be a sign of the stone reached to the UVJ area and got stuck there? Or it just moving its way down and radiating pain to random area? I am so scared that the stone get stuck somewhere and create blockage of urine. Especially i read UVJ is the most common area for blockage. My CT scans has shown mild hydronephosis. However my urine flow still good. But can that be due to I have 100% functional right kidney and a blocked left kidney and still have good urine flow? Sorry for all the questions, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also I just purchased the Stone Cleanse from Amazon. What do your recommendations of dosage under my current condition? Thanks again.

    1. Hey @rc2024 ,

      It definitely sounds like the stone is in the lower urinary tract due to the sensations you’re feeling. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s stuck.

      A stone that gets stuck at the UVJ will bring on its own types of pain and sensations. Typically not the mind-bending pain of a stone in the upper urinary tract with the explosive pain in the mid to upper back region. But, more like sharp stabbing types of pains in and around the abdomen.

      What have you been feeling in the few days since writing this?

      1. Thank you so much Joey for your reply. Much much appreciated! Actually the last few days I don’t feel that pain near the lower left abdominal area anymore. I am still on my lemon juice regimen. That’s definitely keeping most of the pain away I am guessing? There are few moments here and there that I feel some mild discomfort near my lower back, left flank and left mid back, sometime right side too. Perhaps it’s my mind play trick on me being I am always worry about it? I don’t think I have pass the stone yet because that discomfort does comes and goes. It so scary, it like a ticking time bomb, never know if or when its going cause more issues. I really hope it doesn’t get stuck at the UVJ or the urethra. Those are my biggest concern, concern not able to urinate and start having urine backed up. I would definitely love to go get another CT to see where the stone at and how big it is, if the lemon juice have shrunk it more? But that would be 3 scans in 5 weeks, not sure if that’s too much radiation. What do you think the chances that my stone has gotten even smaller? I’ve been doing this 8oz straight up & 2oz every hour lemon juice protocol since 4-10-24. Almost a month now. The urologist saw the the 2nd CT report where the stone got 2mm smaller and said the radiologist probably just missed measuring it or the stone angle might turned. Do you think he has a point or just trying to disregard the lemon juice? I would assume a 8mm in the ureter would be pretty painful or create blockage? I guess 6mm would probably do that too? I don’t know. Thank you so much again for taking your time to reply. I really appreciated it.

        1. Hey @rc2024 , it’s my pleasure!
          Lemon juice may be playing a little role. But, it’s the lack of obstruction that’s keeping you without pain at this time. However, I wouldn’t let that stop you! If it’s working, keep going. You’re not doing any harm.
          And, in terms of blockage, the larger the stone, the more potential for blockage. But, potential doesn’t always equate to what someone experiences.
          Keep doing what you’re doing. You seem to be having success!

  2. I have a stone that is 8 by 7 by 10m and at the last CT 2 days ago is sitting by the UVJ I have mild pain in the back feels like it’s a nerve pinch and a super irritated bladder. I just started trying your method how long do you think it would take to pass and can this pass? It’s made it all this way

    1. Hey Danielle, thanks for reaching out. This method isn’t black/white. So, you will likely need to try it once or twice a day until you achieve success.

      And you’re absolutely right! That stone has traveled a long distance and it’s almost to the finish line.

      Just be consistent and that stone will be gone soon 🙂

  3. Been trying for a week the pain is still the same , don’t know wheather the stone is out or still there. My doc just gave me ( geripod 8mg) bed time.

    Any suggestions will help ????????